5 Examples Why Art Above Your Couch is The Way To Go

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5 Examples Why Art Above Your Couch is The Way To Go

Great moments to buy art - Valeria SN

Does your interior need an upgrade? Art for above your couch could be the way to go! Art does not just belong in rich people’s houses or in museums. It could totally bring your interior to the next level! And luckily, at accessART that doesn’t need to break the bank. Check out these examples of great “Art above your couch”!

1. A modern interior with a classic twist

The pro-styled interior

Do you have modern, stylish interior? Then a painting on your wall cannot be missed! Check out the below examples of how subtle colours can still be real eye-catchers. This artwork fits beautifully in the bright, modern interior with a classic twist. The grey couch basically begs for some colour above it! The artwork is large, but not too bright. This creates a great balance.

Turnberry Tower Arlington, VA

accessART’s pick

Are you looking for a work like above? Then the soft colours of below work by Xiaoyang Galas could be for you! Xiaoyang Galas is an Chinese artist living and working in France. She studied Fine Art (Painting) and received a master’s degree in Chinese art history & art critic from the Sichuan Fine Art Academy, China. Add a black frame to this work or hang it like this – both are a great option!

Art Above Your Couch - Xiaoyang Galas

Life is Precious – Xiaoyang Galas

2. Beautiful contrasts- White vs. Colors

The pro-styled interior

White walls beg for colour! In combination with colourful furniture and a stunning artwork, you may find yourself in your dream interior! The red couch in below interior is a real eye-catcher in this otherwise black-white interior. A beautiful high wall, a broad couch – the landscape oriented painting fits perfectly!

Buckinghamshire Residence by LLI Design.

accessART’s pick

accessART artist Frank Le Pair makes highly textured, colourful paintings. Red lines of happines appears to consist of an apparent randomness of lines which find their meaning in a larger whole. But, the interplay of all the lines is formed to a own text signature, a way a writer forms letters to words and sentences.

This artwork would work perfectly on a high white wall, with a couch in one of the colours of the painting.


Art Above Your Couch - Frank Le Pair

Red Lines of Happiness – Frank Le Pair

3. Classic colours

The pro-styled interior

Light walls and furniture with earthy colours – a match made in heaven. A touch of blue, brown and yellow make for a stunning colour scheme.

Small Apartments, Big Style

accessART’s pick

Lene Merete Haugen made this work called Hidden House. The soft colours with some strong lines would fit in any interior! Lene has a background as a graphic designer, make-up artist, and has BA in Product Design from Akershus University College. In the 90s, she worked actively as make-up artist, and was among others stylist for the Spice Girls during their heyday 🙂

Art Above Your Couch

Hidden House – Lene Merete Haugen

4. Mellow Yellow

The pro-styled interior

Combining the soft yellow of the pillows with the stronger yellow in the painting creates a gorgeous setting. The slight touch of pink and the beige colours of the couch and wall complement this beautifully. The painting is subtle, but definitely present in this interior.

Marina Living Room

accessART’s pick

Nadine de Klerk Wolters is an artist from Belgium. She has really amazing works available with a beautiful colour scheme ranging from pink to red to yellow to orange! The below work would fit perfectly in an interior with hints of pink and yellow. A grey or beige couch would be a great basis for this artwork!

Art Above Your Couch

La vie est belle – Nadine de Klerk Wolters

5. Black and White power

With black and white you cannot go wrong. A solid, relaxed interior that has many variations. The walls, furniture, carpet, lamps – black and white are the perfect colour to vary. Also the artworks in the interior are black and white. For this look, you may think of prints at first. But what about ink drawings? Watercolour paintings? Or acrylic on canvas? There are so many  variations!

The pro-styled interior

Mountain View Townhouse

accessART’s pick

Buy it – Frame it – Hang it- enough said 🙂  Koree C Thelaus is based in Stockholm-Sweden. He was born in Seoul -South Korea. Koree is inspired by the night, the city, and nature, and all the beauty in between. Behind my mask can be interpreted in many ways – what’s yours?

Art Above Your Couch

Behind my mask – Koree C. Thelaus

Convinced that art above your couch is a great idea?

Artworks, large or small, are meant to hang above couches! Empty walls are boring, and an artwork can brighten up the whole place! If you’d like us to help you picking out an artwork for above your couch, simply get in touch via the chat or email us a picture of your room. We’re more than happy to help you find your perfect match!

The cover picture is a great painting above the couch made by Valeria SN from the Ukraine.

Written by Sabrina