Three Popular Art Surfaces You Need To Get Familiar With

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Three Popular Art Surfaces You Need To Get Familiar With

You’re looking for an artwork but getting lost in all different art surfaces out there? Should you buy a canvas, a work on paper or even something different like a wooden base? This blog is here to help you make the right decision for your place!

Why picking the right art surfaces are important

You know that feeling? That feeling where you finally get around to putting that artwork above your sofa and all of a sudden…your house just became a home. The room is cozier, the feng shui is a 10/10 and walking through your front door just became that much more appealing. But, not all art fits in every space. Professional designers know that each space is made for something specific. What do you think about this?

Large empty wall? Throw a canvas up there.

That small hallway? You’ll want to go with paper based artwork.

Bachelor pad? Wood based pieces will flow with your macho vibes.

In any way, if you are looking for an artwork it’s important to realize how art surfaces can change the look and feel of an artwork. Here’s more about three popular types of art surfaces that you’re going to want to know more about before covering your walls.


Canvases are trendy and are one of the most used art surfaces amongst artists. This bulkier version of wall art allows for a three dimensional effect that paper art just doesn’t have. On canvas, you often find more textured works and the artworks can be larger than on other art surfaces. 

What is it?

A canvas is basically cotten or linen that is stretched across pieces of wood. The canvas is then painted with for example oil or acrylic paints. Artists can buy canvases online or in dedicated art shops. The quality of canvas can vary a lot and you can always ask the artist about it because it may influence the quality of the artwork over time. Some artists work with really different sizes (for example really long artworks)

art surfaces canvas reinder-oldenburger-couple-cycling-fietsend-stel

A great work by Reinder Oldenburger on canvas

Where should I put it?

Art isn’t made to make a room feel smaller and placing canvases in areas that just aren’t big enough will leave your area feeling cluttered. Use canvases in large, open areas like above your couch, empty walls or in a large hallway.

What should you know before buying canvas artworks online?

Check in the artwork description if the sides of the painting are painted along. This way you can decide whether to frame the artwork or not.


Maybe the most ancient art surface around, well known and often used by artists. Back in the days the Egyptians were already using papyrus to write on and there is a good reason the paper art trend has never died. Classic, original and with the capability to create an extreme abstract vibe, paper is one of the most versatile art bases around.

What is it?

Varying types of paper painted with acrylics, oil, watercolor, spray paint and more.

Art surfaces paper isabelle-roskam-pastel-butterflies

Beautiful works by Isabelle Roskam made on paper

Where should I put it?

Almost anywhere. Use paper art strategically by placing it in those smaller areas that aren’t big enough for a three dimensional art piece like canvas or wood but still need a pop of something. Try putting your paper artwork in your bathroom, kitchen and smaller areas around your home. Because works on paper are often a bit smaller too, they work great if you put multiple next to each other!

What should you know before buying paper artworks online?

Paper artworks often need framing, so be aware of that before you click the buy button :-). That said, the price of paper artworks is often only a fraction of that of works on canvas or wood. Also the shipping is much easier as it’s light and flat!

Painting on Wood

Wooden art provides something that most other types of art basis don’t. It can give a certain feeling and atmosphere. Of course this depends on what kind of wood is used and how the paint is applied.

What is it?

Wood pieced together that can come in several different tones, shapes, and sizes. It can be a very rustic piece of wood, or a simple MDF plate that is painted on. Also, sometimes smaller paintings are mounted on a wooden panel to give it a darker background. Also, a wooden list is sometimes used to give a painting a real rustic feeling. 

art surfaces wood jim-angel-un-moment-inattendu

A great piece of art on wood by Jim and Angel

Where should I put it?

Wooden art has a rustic and warm feeling. It is best used in places where you are trying to create the sense of a cozy home. Bachelor’s love the manly feel of dark wooden art and you’ll find popular places to be similar to those of canvas: big wall spaces, above your couch or bed, blank spaces outside, etc.

What should you know before buying wooden artworks online?

The price of these artworks is often a bit higher due to shipping costs. Because wood is often heavy this may increase the price. Buying locally and picking it up at the artists place is encouraged! Also, if you do buy internationally make sure that your country does not have rules and regulations on importing natural products.


Ready for some art?

Now that you are an art base professional, create that feeling in your apartment or house by adding those pops of color and warmth that will take the atmosphere in your apartment to the next level.

art surfaces - accessart shop

Its easy to filter on the art surface in the accessART store

In the accessART store you can easily see that canvas is a very popular medium for artists – it’s by far the most used surface. But don’t forget to explore the other surfaces, you may be surprised!

Written by: Sabrina

Featured image by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash