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Jim and Angel: Two artists – One Canvas

Hi, my name is Pam and I’m studying Arts & Economics. I did some interviews with the artists from accessART as part of my studies. This last interview was with Jim and Angel van Overbeek. In 2016, the combined works of Dutch artists Jim and Angel really took off. Inspired by nature, popart and streetart,…
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Three Popular Art Surfaces You Need To Get Familiar With

You’re looking for an artwork but getting lost in all different art surfaces out there? Should you buy a canvas, a work on paper or even something different like a wooden base? This blog is here to help you make the right decision for your place! Why picking the right art surfaces are important You…
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Frank le Pair: Painting Life through Colours and Lines

Hi there! My name is Pam, and as part of my studies Economics and Art I have been interviewing several of accessART’s artists. My third interview was with Frank Le Pair. Frank lives in Eindhoven. He started his artistic career about 15 years ago and it’s an impressive story. It was a joy to learn…
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Isabelle Roskam - Abstract -accessART

Dreams, Hard Work and Creativity -This is Isabelle Roskam

Hi there! My name is Pam, and as part of my studies Economics and Art I have been interviewing several of accessART’s artists. My second interview was with Isabelle Roskam. Isabelle lives and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She welcomed me in her beautiful studio and I had the chance to get to know her…
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Giorgi Shengelia in his studio

The story of a Georgian-Dutch artist: Meet Giorgi Shengelia

Hi there! My name is Pam, and as part of my studies Economics and Art I have been interviewing several of accessART’s artists. My first interview was with Giorgi Shengelia. When I came to Giorgio Shengelia’s atelier, he gave me a very welcoming feeling. Giorgi’s atelier is located in Bergen, an ‘artist village’. Writers, musicians, painters,…
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Great moments to buy art - Valeria SN

5 Examples Why Art Above Your Couch is The Way To Go

Does your interior need an upgrade? Art for above your couch could be the way to go! Art does not just belong in rich people’s houses or in museums. It could totally bring your interior to the next level! And luckily, at accessART that doesn’t need to break the bank. Check out these examples of great…
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Painting Holiday Lucienne Frijns

Painting Holidays – A Creative Way to Get Relaxed

This past year, Lucienne Frijns joined accessART. A Dutch lady from Maastricht, living in Spain where she gives painting workshops. When reading about this type of holidays, we suddenly get the urge to start painting ourselves 🙂 Enjoy the read and get to know all about Lucienne and her painting holidays in Spain! Lucienne finds her…
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overview accessart pop up gallery

The First accessART Pop Up Gallery

From the 26th of November untill the 18th of December, accessART is hosting its first accessART Pop Up Gallery. Together with the interior designers from Hoppakee, a complete interior store was created within 1 week! Over 20 individual designers en 14 artists that are part of accessART are displaying their works. Come check us out every…
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Ronald Hunter Artist

Ronald Hunter, the Artsy Entrepreneur from The Netherlands

You know these kind of people that make it seem like everything they touch, turns into gold? Well, we found one – an artist that is! Meet Ronald Hunter. Ronald is a very successful Dutch artist-entepreneur that has perfected the mix between artistic talent and business sense. Since the start of his artistic journey 3,5 years ago, Ronald…
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buying affordable art online

Why Finding & Buying Affordable Art Online Is So Great!

At accessART we love 2 things: original, affordable art and e-commerce. We love art because it inspires us and it brings colour into our daily lives. When it’s affordable – even better! We also love e-commerce. Shopping from your couch, browsing the best offerings, comparing prices and features and then, with a couple of clicks…
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