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Shipping Art to the US - Tineke Carli Liewes

Shipping Art To The US From The Netherlands! – How Does That Work?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about doing business with the United States is customs, regulations, loads of paperwork… simply, a nightmare! Recently, Tineke Carli-Liewes sold her artwork to US through accessART. We got to experience first hand how shipping art to the US works. Despite our initial fears, shipping art to the US turned out…
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Ronex Shipping Art Internationally

Shipping Art Internationally – From Uganda To Your Doorstep!

Shipping art internationally can be a nightmare. Artworks are often fragile and large, which brings along high costs. Nevertheless, we were super excited when we recently sold “Camouflage”. Camouflage is an original painting made by Ronex Ahimbisibwe! Ronex is an amazing artist from Kampala, Uganda and posted his artworks on accessART a while ago. He did this to…
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Nicole Cijs

The story of Nicole Cijs – a Great Dutch Artist

It is funny how small things in life sometimes end up being life changing. In Nicole Cijs‘ case, this moment was a box of pencils she got from her brother. For Nicole, receiving these pencils from her brother was the moment when the passion for art really hit off. Starting to work with layers, combining…
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Ellen van Teijlingen

Ellen van Teijlingen, The Hidden Artist That Will Always Look At You!

“A portrait doesn’t have to be a face, it can be every part of the body as long as it is all about you”.  This sentence can be found on the website of Ellen van Teijlingen and intruiged us to get to know more about this artist. Luckily, Ellen invited the accessART team into her…
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Timelapse for artists

Why A Time Lapse For Artists is a Kick-Ass Marketing Tool

Time lapses are awesome. And a time lapse for artists is possibly one of the coolest ways to use this new way of using video. So, curious? Check out the rest of this blog! What is a Time Lapse? A time lapse is a sequence of pictures taken with a fixed interval. For example, taking…
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Artwork by Joanne Zegers

Joanne Zegers – The Landscape Painter

At accessART we love talking to our artists and getting to know them better. Our latest interview was with Joanne Zegers. Joanne lives in Zaandijk, the Netherlands, and has a great view on the river Zaan which is a big part of Joanne’s work. Joanne recently sold some of her works on accessART – these works…
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Steve Nijbroek - Pet Academy

Steve Nijbroek: The Pursuit Of Happiness

Our latest interview was with the artist Steve Nijbroek, a Dutch artist from Oud-Beijerland in the Netherlands. Steve is an auto-didact and being an artist is not his full time job. Yet, art is his passion and something he likes to do next to his regular job. His brain is always working on new ideas and he is…
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Buy original art

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Original Art Today!

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun. “ Pablo Picasso Why do you buy original art? Maybe you want to bring some life into your living room, you might be inspired by the style…
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Danielle Hoppenbrouwers atelier

Danielle Hoppenbrouwers, Through The Layers Of An Artist

Some weeks ago, we had an interesting talk with one of our Dutch artists, Danielle Hoppenbrouwers. Danielle recently re-ignited her creative career and is making amazing collages. We were more than curious about her story as an autodidact artist, her inspiration and what is hidden in the layers of her collages. Read on to discover this…
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Artist bio biography

Tips & Tricks For The Ultimate Artist Bio

Finished working on your paintings and wondering, what would be the next step to build your artist brand online? Write an engaging artist bio (biography)! Although accessART believes that video and photography for artists are extremely important, the power of the written content should not be overlooked. A tailored and compelling artist bio is your business…
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