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Dominic Virtosu at work

A Look Inside The Bright World Of Dominic Virtosu

Recently we had the chance to get to know one of our artists, Dominic Virtosu, a bit better. He is from Bucharest, Romania and his paintings are colorful and bright. A real mix between reality and weird situations.  We spoke to Dominic through skype and are very happy to introduce him to you! The dream of becoming a…
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Professional Photography for artists

Why Professional Photography for Artists Is Imperative

More and more people find their way online to buy and sell art. Buying and selling art online opens a whole new world of opportunities for both art buyers and artists. Young, internet- savvy customers and social media such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter are changing the art world tremendously. All these things have one…
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Alexander Schäd Captain Fanta

A Young And Promising Artist: Into Captain Fanta’s World

Recently, we had the chance to interview Alexander Schäd, or Captain Fanta – a 25 year old artist from Nürnberg, Germany. Alexander recently joined accessART and we were very curious about his intriguing name, his inspiration and the other forms of art he pursues. Still using his real name Alexander, he started drawing comics from a young age,…
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Instagram contests for artists

Why Instagram Contests For Artists Are Great!

Hello artists all around the world! Are you on Instagram but not sure how to grow your account? Do you want to to improve your visibility on Instagram? Or even make more sales? There is a way to succeed that will work for sure: Instagram contests! Instagram contests are a fun, cheap and easy way…
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Virtual Reality Pop Up Art Gallery

Virtual Reality Art: 5 Reasons Why This Is a Great Match

Virtual Reality Art – what is that supposed to be? Facebook founder Marc Zuckerberg announced in 2014 that Facebook acquired Oculus VR, a leader in virtual reality technology. Since then, many industries are jumping on the bandwagon by making use of this innovation as a marketing tool. It seems that this technology can disrupt many…
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Startup culture Amsterdam

A Sneak Peek Into Why Startup Culture is Important

Recently, the topic of company culture in startups has received quite some attention. It seems clear that most people join startups for other reasons than a big salary. People want to join startups for the challenge, the dynamic environment, the people working at the company and its startup culture. Values defining your startup culture and the founder’s influence on…
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Reinder Oldenburger painting

Two Worlds Align: Reinder Oldenburger On Music And Art

accessART is all about applied arts – paintings in acrylic, oil or watercolor and many more. The list is endless. Most often we meet specialists in either applied arts or for example performing arts. But recently, we got the chance to interview an artist who aligns these two different worlds. Mixing them to create something…
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Storytelling through video

Storytelling Through Video For Artists – Why It Matters!

So you walk into an art gallery and see a piece of art that you don’t really like or simply don’t understand. The gallery owner sees the confusion in your eyes and walks up to you. He then tells about how this work was created, what is the meaning behind it and how you can…
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Revolue - Brazilian artist at accessART

An Amazing Brazilian Artist: Meet Revolue

Revolue is one of accessART’s newest artists. He joined us at the end of 2015 and we have to admit: we were quite curious about his work! What do those faces mean? We wanted to know more about the story behind the work of this Brazilian artist, and therefore we interviewed him in the first week of February.…
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Top 10 Cool Artists On Twitter That Are Rocking It

Ok we know. Everybody loves Twitter. To read the latest news, to complain to customer services or simply to like and retweet interesting things. But wouldn’t it be great when instead of all the drama, you can scroll through your feed and see beautiful art works that will highlight your day? Twitter has become one…
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