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Surfart at accessART! Guestblog by Marieke Meijs

This guestblog was written by Marieke Meijs from – one of the first accessART artists. In this blog, Marieke explains how she got into art, what SurfArt means to her and how she got in touch with accessART. Check out this blog and discover surfart at accessART. How a little girl became an artist…
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8 Amazing Art Quotes & Some Reflection

At accessART we find inspiration and joy from our (and other) artists  works every day. But what does art mean, and what does it do with people? How to define art? Read on for a couple of amazing art quotes! Our Favorite Art Quotes We think one of the best ways to talk about art is…
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Types of paint by accessART

5 Types of Paint You Will Definitely Find In Your Art Collection

So you are thinking about buying your first piece of art and starting your first art collection.. But the gallery owner or the artist’ website (in case you’re buying art online) just throws terms at you you’ve never heard of! An abstract acrylic mixed media painting? A baroque oil painting? A surrealist landscape? That’s a…
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Giving art - accessART

The Art of Giving: A Beginners Guide to Giving Art

Giving art is fun! But why give art? Art is one of the best gifts I have both received and given and giving art is getting more popular. You want your gift to be ever-present and a real memory in someone’s life. Therefore, I highly recommend diving into the online art world to find it!…
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Buying art online

Buying Art Online – 7 Things To Ask Before You Click & Ship

Buying art online can sometimes feel down right daunting, even to the most experienced collectors. However, it really needn’t be. Buying art online is not only extremely convenient, in that the work is shipped straight to your door, but you can also browse many more pieces in a much shorter time than you ever could…
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The new collector - buying art online

The Rise of the New Collector: Art is No Longer Only For the 1%

Leonardo DiCaprio, 44, one of the biggest names in hollywood. Charles Saatchi, 71, art dealer with an estimated networth of $192 million. Bri Emery, influencer blogger from Design Love Fest. Ben, 23, Bartender at your local, can make a great mojito. Name one thing they have in common. The answer? Art. The New Collector The old…
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Art Can Be Fun! :-) 5 Hilarious Art Videos

When you get your first apartment and you’re settling down – you want to make your place cosy. However you can’t buy a Picasso to hang above your coach except if you have the bank account of Bill Gates. But still you think it’s cool to have some paintings to create a nice place to…
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