Why Finding & Buying Affordable Art Online Is So Great!

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Why Finding & Buying Affordable Art Online Is So Great!

buying affordable art online

At accessART we love 2 things: original, affordable art and e-commerce. We love art because it inspires us and it brings colour into our daily lives. When it’s affordable – even better! We also love e-commerce. Shopping from your couch, browsing the best offerings, comparing prices and features and then, with a couple of clicks buying the item you love and having it sent to your home straight away! What we love even more than these separate things, is combining them. So there it is: buying affordable art online!

. Art and E-commerce. Yes, it is possible! The online art market is growing every year. More and more art platforms are popping up. And on top of that, individual artists are now also proving that selling art online works. Inspirational young artists like Ronald Hunter and Reinder Oldenburger have built whole art empires online and are selling worldwide, without official galleries!

In this blog we’d like to underline why buying affordable art online is great, and why it can be for you too! Enjoy the read!

You can buy art from all over the world

The great thing about buying affordable art online is that you can buy it from anywhere. At accessART we are proud of the variety of artists and their works from different countries. From Australia to Brazil, from Macedonia to Finland – it does not matter! Ordering can be done in a couple of clicks and the work will be delivered right on your doorstep.

No questions about the price tag!

Whenever I walk into a gallery, I often feel like being on a local market in Asia or Africa 🙂 . No price tags and never sure if you pay a fair price or not. When buying online, it just feels good that if you buy a piece, you can instantly compare the prices of a work with that of other works from the same artist, or from other artists. So, no haggling and no feeling bad about your purchase afterwards.

It’s affordable

When buying art online you will usually find lower prices than in a physical store. The reason is obvious: the company providing you with the artwork has high costs for personnel or physical stores. That’s where the internet comes in. Artists often pay low commissions to online art platforms and there can price their artworks more affordable too!

You support artists directly

Buying straight from the artist helps an artist to maintain themselves financially. We recently helped on of our artists from Uganda sell an artwork to the Netherlands. It was quite a large work and ensured the artist of a good source of income. If you buy art straight from the artist, you are not supporting a big corporation, but you can directly impact someone’s life.

You can spot emerging talents

There are not that many people that buy art as investments, but it’s always exciting to follow the artist you bought a piece from. How do they develop? Will they make it in the art world? Will they become best-sellers?

Ready for buying affordable art online?

Convinced? Check the accessART shop and discover the most amazing artists and their artworks. Need help picking something? Send us a text or talk to us on the chat. We’d be happy to help you buy your first piece of art online 🙂

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