The story of a Georgian-Dutch artist: Meet Giorgi Shengelia

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The story of a Georgian-Dutch artist: Meet Giorgi Shengelia

Giorgi Shengelia in his studio

Hi there! My name is Pam, and as part of my studies Economics and Art I have been interviewing several of accessART’s artists. My first interview was with Giorgi Shengelia. When I came to Giorgio Shengelia’s atelier, he gave me a very welcoming feeling. Giorgi’s atelier is located in Bergen, an ‘artist village’. Writers, musicians, painters, photographers and many other creative minds live in and around that area. I interviewed him and discovered the story behind his art.

Giorgi Shengelia in his studio

Giorgi Shengelia in his studio

Giorgi Shengelia about Painting the World

‘’I just paint the earth, and everything in it. Industrials things, nature, landscapes and human beings are just several examples”.

Giorgi tells me about where he’s from and what made him the person and artist he is today. He says: “I have been through a lot in my life, I used to be a war child for example. I try to turn it into something positive with my art”. I ask him about how his past influences his art today. “My art is a mix of what I see, what I feel, and what I’ve experienced when I grew up. What I find very interesting is that every person feels or experiences my art different; Some like it, some don’t.”.

In the meantime, Giorgio Shengelia offers me coffee with chocolate cookies. We talk about his other hobbies besides painting, such as writing, photographing and reading. We have a walk in his atelier and I tell him how much I like the fact that all the furniture is hand-made by himself.


Giorgi Shengelia in his studio

Giorgi Shengelia in his studio

Giorgio Shengelia grew up with art..

I always like to know more about how a person became an artist. The good news is, it’s a always a different story 🙂 . Giorgi tells me: ‘’My father used to be an artist as well. When I was young I used to play with his brushes and I was always experimenting with paint. When I grew up, I took part in an art contest for kids. The theme was ‘the underwater world’. I decided to join the contest and won the second price! I think I was only ten years old at that time.

“With art, there’s never a winner or a loser”

But I think with art, there’s never a winner or a loser and it’s difficult to compare. After this contest I went to art school and the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts for sixteen years, in Georgia.’’

..and it became his passion too

Giorgi continues to tell me about how art has become his passion. ‘’I like making art and to share my passion with people. Of course, I mostly do it for myself, and next for others.

We keep on talking about art, and the process of making it. Giorgi tells me: “‘’I like to change material from their original state, like these art works. I bring things back to life.’’”

One question that often pops up in my head is how long it takes to create an artwork. Hours, days, years? So I ask Giorgi how long it takes him to make a painting. He explains: ‘’I finish some of my paintings within an hour or at  least a day. If it takes longer than a week, I don’t like it anymore. When I have inspiration I feel the need to express it immediately, I can’t wait a week, then it’s gone. Or, the work is less good compared to when I’d finish it the same day. Efficiency is very important for my art.’’


Giorgi Shengelia accessART

Giorgi Shengelia’s tools

Giorgi Shengelia at accessART

I asked Giorgi about his career as an artist and whether he has tried selling art online already. He explains that he never sold art online before, only through his atelier in Bergen. But, since last year, Giorgi decided to join accessART. You can find several of Giorgi Shengelia’s work at his accessART page.  Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading!