Dreams, Hard Work and Creativity -This is Isabelle Roskam

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Dreams, Hard Work and Creativity -This is Isabelle Roskam

Isabelle Roskam - Abstract -accessART

Hi there! My name is Pam, and as part of my studies Economics and Art I have been interviewing several of accessART’s artists. My second interview was with Isabelle Roskam. Isabelle lives and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She welcomed me in her beautiful studio and I had the chance to get to know her and her art. Happy reading!

Isabelle Roskam - accessART

Isabelle Roskam in her studio

Isabelle Roskam finding her way in art

Whenever interviewing an artist, it’s always interesting to start at the beginning. Discover how they got in touch with art and how they developed themselves. Throughout all the interviews on accessART, it appears that getting into art is often a family thing! Turns out, this is also the case for Isabelle 🙂

‘’When I was young, my parents taught me to look at colours, nature and art. My father used to make art from glass, such as stained glass windows. I didn’t go to art school, but instead I worked at my father’s atelier after I graduated from secondary school. Working in his atelier gave me a lot of practical experience and the possibility to work and experiment with other artists”.

But it didn’t stop right there. Over the course of the next 6 years, Isabelle noticed that she liked the marketing and sales of the products just as much as creating it. She decided to pursue this path and pick up a study. She started studying Small Business and Retail Management, and worked as a brand ambassador at a design label.

Life in the studio

“But after five years of doing this I almost exploded! I barely had time to make art anymore. So I decided to rent my own studio and start creating again.’’

Isabelle managed to get a beautiful studio in an old school building in Amsterdam. It is very bright and let’s in a lot of natural light. Perfect for an artist! Isabelle shares her atelier with another artist. She explains that they learn a lot from each other. Although they have completely different styles, there is always room to learn and to explore new things.


What happens when Isabelle Roskam picks up a paint brush

Moving on to the actual process of creating an artwork! Isabelle tells me enthusiastically: ‘’Before I start painting, I already imagine the painting in front of me. I just have to paint it on the canvas. I work on the ground, partly because I like the position and partly because of the material I use”.

Some artists work on one painting at a time, other work at multiple. Isabelle tells me: “While I’m painting, I mostly work on different paintings at the same time. I like fragments, changes, movements and chaotics”.

Also, like many other young artists, speed seems to be an important part of her art. Isabelle explains me that when she paints, she is very chaotic. “Speed is important for my art. If I draw a line, it has to be quick, otherwise it loses it’s power. My paintings are fragments from a bigger painting, and the lines are continuing, as you can see on my floor”.


Isabelle Roskam - Faces - accessART

Isabelle Roskam – Faces – accessART

Art is temporary

Isabelle continues “Some of my paintings are never finished. They are temporarily finished. Sometimes I paint over an old painting, or I change little things. I’ve had situations where people asked me if they could buy a specific painting, and I had to tell them that it didn’t exist anymore. Because I had changed it completely. I find the changing and the development of paintings more valuable than the painting staying the same. Letting go is important.’’

But letting go doesn’t mean not having dreams. I ask Isabelle about her dreams and ambitions. She tells me that her dream is to create a collection that is between design and art, a mix between handmade items and production made pieces.

“I would love to sell my work all over the world so it can be seen by everyone! There are beautiful shops and museums where I really would like to present my work. Next to that, I hope to paint really gigantic paintings next year! A canvas of 20 by 10 meters is on top of my artistic bucket list!

“A canvas of 20 by 10 meters is on top of my artistic bucket list!” 

Beyond paintings

Isabelle loves to create paintings, but that’s not the only form or art she engages in. “I make paintings, but besides that I also make porcelain plates and bowls. I have a lot of experience of course, from my father’s atelier. But I want to work with keramiek, not with glass. I also paint envelopes, postcards, wrapping paper for gifts, linen bags, and much more.”

Isabelle Roskam - accessART

Isabelle Roskam paints on many more things than just canvas!


Count your blessings and keep dreaming

Wrapping up the interview, Isabelle tells me: “I’m blessed to be an artist with my own atelier in Amsterdam. It has always been a  dream for me, and now I’m just living that dream. I don’t need anything else than that.

We’re very happy that Isabelle has found her place to create her art and that she has decided to join accessART. If you’d like to see more of her colorful artwork, look at Isabelle Roskam‘s accessART profile and explore the variety in works she makes!