Painting Holidays – A Creative Way to Get Relaxed

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Painting Holidays – A Creative Way to Get Relaxed

Painting Holiday Lucienne Frijns

This past year, Lucienne Frijns joined accessART. A Dutch lady from Maastricht, living in Spain where she gives painting workshops. When reading about this type of holidays, we suddenly get the urge to start painting ourselves 🙂 Enjoy the read and get to know all about Lucienne and her painting holidays in Spain!

Lucienne finds her way to art

In our series of interviews with artists, we have seen that some artists have been drawing and painting since they were little kids. But not Lucienne Frijns – she has not been a painter all her life. She discovered she loved painting at the age of 24. This was the time that she booked a course for her mother and herself. She was astonished when her mother picked up painting very quickly. She was especially good in painting in the style of Renoir.

Lucienne was very impressed by the firm strokes of Impressionism. She started to develop herself in the arts and searched for own signature. She experimented and found her way through diferents style and techniques. Lucienne wanted to take the next step in her creative career and started her studies at the the Art Academy in Genk (Belgium). She followed courses here for 7 years.

If we ask her what painting, and her art mean to her, Lucienne tells us that painting allows her to translate her ideas, feelings and experiences directly into colour. And all that, without the need for words.

Painting Holidays in Spain Lucienne Frijns

The Road to Spain

Lucienne continues with her story and tells us that she has been giving workshops for many years now. For her, this is her way of sharing her love of painting with others. But, we are curious and ask her more! How did she get to Spain?

Lucienne explains: “Besides painting I love to studie foreign languages. So 6 years ago I decided to take a Spanish course in Spain”. Lucienne didn’t exactly know where to go – the only thing she knew was that it had to be the Costa de Luz. Lucienne hopped in a plane and ended up in Conil de la Fontera.

And there the magic happened! She didn’t only learn Spanish but also found the love of her life! Lucienne took the jump, decided to leave her home and whole life behind and went to live with the men she fell in love with.

Lucienne felt increasingly at home. From the moment she settled down in Andalusia her she couldn’t put the thought out of her head: this is the ideal place to offer painting workshops! Amazing painting holidays in the beautiful landscape and the incomparable light here on the “Costa de la Luz”. This combination is an open invitation to paint outdoors.

Painting Holidays in Spain Lucienne Frijns

The Location

For thousands of years Conil was merely a fishing village, situated about 25 miles south of Cadiz. You will find Lucienne where Spain is at its most beautiful: in Andalusia she brings her workshop participants clear blue skies, the Atlantic ocean ever-changing from turquoise to deepest blue, miles of golden yellow beaches, long hours of sunshine, even in winter. A fresh breeze, palm trees, shady pine woods, olive groves ….

Although somewhat changed over the years, Conil has retained all its original charm. The old centre is a maze of narrow streets and passages, little Andalusian courtyards with flowerpots hanging from the walls, tapas-bars and small restaurants offering traditional dishes, especially, of course, a wide variety of seafood.

Painting Holidays

Almost ten miles of golden yellow sandy beaches are right on your doorstep, and if you feel like taking a daytrip, there are numerous unusually beautiful locations within easy reach: Arcos, built on a spectacular outcropping of rock, the picturesque village of Vejer just eight miles down the road, or the historical cities – each with its own special atmosphere, of Cadiz, Jerez and Seville.

Painting holidays in Spain

Are you already tempted to go pay Lucienne a visit for a lovely painting holiday or workshop? Lucienne lives in an attractive country house, about 500 yards from the beach. Here you can paint in the shade of big, old palm trees – a wonderful atmosphere. Groups normally consist of five to six people. This allows Lucienne to give each participant lots of individual attention. In the course of the workshop she will lead you through the fascinating world of painting.

Painting Holidays

Whether you are a beginner or already an experienced painter, Lucienne will help you achieve surprising results. You will discover anew the truth of the old adage: “There is an artist in every one of us” and enjoy exploring your own talent. In each workshop two canvases sized 40 x 50 cm plus all necessary materials (charcoal, acrylic paint, brushes, paper, easel etc.) are included in the price. The workshops start each morning at 9.30 a.m. and paint – with a short break – until 1.30 p.m.

On the Sundayday evening before the beginning of each workshop you will meet to drink a glass of wine and enjoy a few tapas together, so that you have a chance to get to know each other a little personally.

Besides painting classes you can take part in different activities like a bicycle route trough the landscape of Andalucia,  Ruta de Tapas, Whalewatching, cookingclasses (preparing a Paella) excursions to Cadiz, Vejer. If you need any help to find  an accommodation, Lucienne will be happy to find you a place where you will feel comfortable. 

Check out Lucienne’s website to read more about here Painting Holidays in Spain. The website is so tempting you may just find yourself there in a couple of months 🙂

Lucienne thanks for your story and all the best with your workshops and artistic career!

Written by Lucienne & Sabrina